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Fit & Safe Disinfecant 500ml

Fit Safe Disinfection 500 ml


Virus Guard’s Fit & Safe Gym Equipment Disinfectant
500ml Fit & Safe

Exercises and workouts have proven to be an essential part of human existence given their wholesome health benefits. But should we workout in possibly contaminated environment? No! This will make our efforts at keeping fit futility. Contamination can only affect our health adversely.

Understandably, gym equipment is shared by lots of fitness clients. Apart from this, workouts usually involve rigorous exercises meant to burn calories. This makes the “flow of sweat” an inevitable thing in gym centers. Sweats when they dry up on gym equipment could be great storehouses for germs and pathogens. This needs to be prevented.

Imagine the numbers of people who share yoga mat for instance. All these people release sweats on the mat directly or indirectly. Although mats could be washed after use, this is not the case for most of the other gym equipment. Virus Guard has the solution to this need in its All-in-One ‘Fit & Safe’ Gym Equipment Disinfectant.

This disinfectant is formulated for gym and equipment safety considerations. It has been made to effective standard, killing up to 99.99 percent of every bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It is food safe and dermatologically tested disinfection formula to use on gym equipment and the environment without getting worried on possible harms on your fitness clients or equipment as it is water-based. Virus Guard’s Fit & Safe Gym Equipment Disinfectant is alcohol-free. This means that gym owners can use conveniently without worries about possible alcohol allergies among their clients.

Product Benefits

Generally, any dime spent on Virus Guard’s “Fit & Safe Gym Equipment Disinfectant” is an investment for;

  • Thoroughly Disinfect and hygienically preserved gym equipment

  • Curbing the spread of pathogens via human, surfaces and equipment cross-contamination

  • Up to 10 days of maximum protection after use

  • A ready to use formula anywhere and anytime

  • A disinfectant capable of demonstrating a wide range of microbiological action

  • A bactericidal and pesticidal efficacy

  • A cleaning solution that is active against the host of rotaviruses (norovirus, human papillomavirus) and residual antimicrobial effect of up to ten days against bacteria.

  • A disinfectant worthy of preventing the scariest viruses including coronavirus, HIB, HBV, HCV, Influenza, Herpes, Coronavirus, and Ebola virus.

  • A disinfectant capable of killing a wide range of fungi including A, Niger, and Calbicans.

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