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All in One Disinfectant 500 ml

All in One Disinfectant 500 ml


All in One Surface Disinfectant

Most humans are unconscious of this fact, but the easiest places to contact germs and infectious microorganisms are not only in dirt, grime, and/or garbage.  Rather, they are on surfaces we believed to be clean, whereas, they are a pack of microscopic mess. Unfortunately, we come across these surfaces every day.  Surfaces as tables, car upholsteries, and workshop tools, door handles and cabinets’ knobs, elevator buttons, and many more surfaces in our closets and environments are the most possible abodes of infectious microorganisms. So, it is safe to say we are living in an imaginarily safe world without the necessary precautions being taken.

Normally, every one of us when we come in contact with physical dirt, grim are instinctive to wash our hands and perform other cleaning activities. However, there are a lot more places we come across on a daily that has packed as many pathogens as garbage and dirt that we couldn’t see or imagine.

Virus Guard has proffered a solution to such a search with its All-in-One Surface Disinfectant.

No Ordinary Disinfectant

There are a lot of disinfectants out there but you need the best to guarantee your own safety. Virus Guard’s Surface Disinfectant is the answer. When you buy this product, you are automatically purchasing;

  • An active disinfectant that kills 99.99 percent of surface pathogens

  • An alcohol-free solution

  • Up to 10 days of surface protection from bacteria, fungi, and viruses after use

  • A disinfectant that works perfectly on all surfaces without causing any damage

  • Active formula with a wide range of microbiological actions

  • An instantaneous attack on a host of pathogenic viruses that include Coronavirus, HIV, HBV, HCV, Influenza, Herpes and Ebola Virus.

  • A quick kill action against rotavirus including Norovirus and Human papillomavirus

  • An up to 60 minutes’ Residual effect for up to 10 days against bacteria including E.coli, S. Aureus, and P. Aeruginosa.

  • Tested and trusted tough activity against the existence, growth, and spread of fungi including A. niger and Calbicans.

  • A virus tested disinfectant according to ASTM E2180 standards.

  • A food-safe and dermatologically tested formulation which balances users’ safety with product effectiveness.

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