Our 20 wipes


Virus guard wipes are made from a nonwoven fabric that is soft and made for long-term use. We seal these products and using nano sponge disinfectant to deliver a better quality of protection from major viruses like E. coli, Norovius, Zika, Corona and more.

These multi surface cleaners are approved by Boeing and Airbus and they can reduce bacterial indoor smell as well as work as disinfecting wipes for deodorizing and disinfecting. Our wipes will kill 99.99% of gram-positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria, fungus, vegetative cells and viruses.

Our 500ML cleaner


This cleaner offers an easy-to-use spray head and a reliable cleaning and disinfecting spray. The cleaner works best for cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces within an aircraft and it is made with an alcohol free solution.

The virus guard SB500 cleaner is a specialty chemical cleaner that is approved by Boeing and Airbus. This is the same type of cleaner that we apply on many of our wipe products. Having access to the spray bottle allows you to clean up larger messes and have access to the cleaner throughout your entire transit terminal. The cleaner works with a light sent to reduce bacterial smell and to effectively disinfect in the process. It is a multi surface cleaner that is nonalcohol based in completely biocompatible. This container is best used by flight attendants and in smaller spot treatments.

Our 5 litre WBDL cleaner


This virus guard cleaner is best used for industrial purposes with 5 L purpose built cans that are designed for refilling the 500 mL spray bottles. This disinfecting chemical is the same that we used in the SB500 cleaner and the wipes to produce an incredible multi surface clean without the use of harsh chemicals or alcohol.

This mixture can kill 99.99% of all viruses with in an aircraft to protect passengers on any airline. The larger size bottle is the perfect option for hygiene and aircrew safety as well as getting the best prices on bulk cleaner for any sized airline. All of these chemicals are Boeing and Airbus approved for the use on almost any airline.



Our professional nebulizer is one of the best ways to treat almost any room and to remove air toxins from any airline. Our nebulizer works to turn the cleaner into a missed that can provide a quick cleaning of the indoor air quality within any aircraft. Airlines regularly depend on the use of our nebulizers to completely improve indoor air quality as well as reduce odors within an airline over time.

Nebulizers are designed for use with our cleaner and they can prevent a wide array of sicknesses and issues. Each of our nebulizers comes with a two-year warranty and a CE marking denoting its testing is an official medical device. The fog output speed is 80 m/s and this can lead to some of the most efficient cleaning for your airline.

The 100 mL bottle attachment works to improve indoor air quality in a nonalcohol-based solution very quickly. Simply set up the nebulizer, switch it on and leave the room. The device will shut off automatically when the cleaner has been disbursed or the entire aircraft.