Our professional nebulizer is one of the best ways to treat almost any room and to remove air toxins from any airline. Our nebulizer works to turn the cleaner into a missed that can provide a quick cleaning of the indoor air quality within any aircraft. Airlines regularly depend on the use of our nebulizers to completely improve indoor air quality as well as reduce odors within an airline over time.

Nebulizers are designed for use with our cleaner and they can prevent a wide array of sicknesses and issues. Each of our nebulizers comes with a two-year warranty and a CE marking denoting its testing is an official medical device. The fog output speed is 80 m/s and this can lead to some of the most efficient cleaning for your airline.

The 100 mL bottle attachment works to improve indoor air quality in a nonalcohol-based solution very quickly. Simply set up the nebulizer, switch it on and leave the room. The device will shut off automatically when the cleaner has been disbursed or the entire aircraft.